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Baseball Power Program

Increase your baseball specific power and dominate this season
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ONE TIME OFFER: Discover the assesment and routine I put all of my athletes through in order to reverse the muscluar imbalances they have developed throughout the years.

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Dynamically Updated
Here are just a few things you will get inside Baseball Power Program:
  • A scientifically-backed, real world tested program that effectively creates high levels of power, explosiveness, speed and strength in the athlete who uses it (not another slopped together “meathead” program that’s an injury waiting to happen)
  • A simple approach to making you stronger in the weight room and damn near invincible on the field
  •  Underused pattern integration exercises that’ll contribute to you hitting 354 ft BOMBS
  • The muscles that lead to injuries for most rising stars and how to properly stretch them (most players and coaches are unaware of these muscles)
  • And many more...
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Baseball Power Program Success
Bo Bichette, Dunedin Blue Jays
"I have been working with Chris since high school and have seen my bat velocity, arm velocity, and defense all improve drastically each off-season."
Jamaal Chaney, College Baseball
"My strength and quickness fielding improved off the charts and it definitely made a difference in the season."
Dante Bichette, New York Yankees
"The year after working with Chris I was able to drastically increase my speed and power hitting 
which was already above average."
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